Welcome to Austin's LAST ANNUAL 70s PARTY

Brought to you for the last 20 years by Shawn Saunders, Bob Feiner, Mark Moran, Brian Rees, and Tom Carter

THE END OF AN ERA! LAST Annual bash will be on November 9th, 2013 at 9:00PM in the Molotov Lounge at 719 West 6th Street

Party is open to the public- Spread the word as the party has been truly a viral Marketing promoted event.

Pictures from Past Years Highlights!

2013 sponsors:
Shawn and Krisha Bob Feiner
Mark Moran Brian Rees
Chris Hegeman Yvette Rendon
Tom Carter Belinda Crawford
Biscuits and Groovy

Biscuits & Groovy at 51st and Duval Mention the 70s party and get $2 off the Gloria Gaynor breakfast plate guaranteed to soak up a 70sparty hangover!!

Featuring DJ Terry of Romeo Productions will be spinning the funk and disco. He rocks!!

Need Threads? Visit:

Costume World- mention 70sparty.com for $10 off rental!
8207 Burnet Rd (corner of Steck and Burnet)
Phone: 323-5949 This place has a lot of costumes to buy and rent

Blue Velvet
217 West North Loop Blvd
Phone: 452-2538

Room Service Vintage
107 East North Loop Blvd
Phone: 451-1057

Cream Vintage
2532 Guadalupe
Phone: 474-8787

Want to rent? Check out:

A Cut Above Costumes
150 Texas Avenue
Round Rock, Texas
Phone: 452-5576

Click here for some other groovy clothing locations

Need ideas? Check the below valhalla 70s party:

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This page is the culmination of 20 years of
disco parties that spanned four major U.S. cities to celebrate
the 70s!

Want more?:
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2013 Austin, TX- Saturday, November 9th, 2013, at 9:00PM at Molotov Lounge on 6th Street
2012 Time to Wind it down
2011 The Year of Facebook
2010 The year of KISS
2009 The Best Costumes Ever
2008 The Comeback Year
2007 The Party Takes A Breather in Attendance
2006 The End of an Era- Buffalo Billiards
2005 Austin, TX- November 5th, 2005, Buffalo Billiards 6th Street
2004 Austin, TX- October 23rd, 2004 Buffalo Billiards 6th Street
2003 Austin, TX- October 18th, 2003 Buffalo Billiards on 6th Street
2002 Bob Popular Closes- Buffalo Billiards on 6th Street
2001 No House Would Take us This Year! Bob Popular on 6th Street
2000 Austin, TX- The Mother of all House Parties
1999 Austin, TX- Back in Austin- Poodle Dog Lounge
1998 Dallas, TX- A Following Is Achieved- The Homebar
1997 Irving, TX- The Lost Party
1996 Austin, TX- The Nay Sayers Crumble
1995 Austin, TX- Bob Feiner Gets Hooked
1994 Washington, D.C.- The Inaugural

Do you love the 70s? Here is a great site to check out:

The music that made it all happen:

The Bee Gees

Other music of the 70s

KC and the Sunshine Band
Gloria Gaynor
Village People


SHAFT -Richard Roundtree
Star Wars -Mark Hamill
A Clockwork Orange
Saturday Night Fever -John Travolta


The Brady Bunch
The Partridge Family

My gratitude to Dr. Jay-for the inspiration for this beginning


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